Research on Team Novo Nordisk Professional Cyclists with Type 1 Diabetes

Two research articles have recently been published involving Team Novo Nordisk Professional Cyclists with type 1 diabetes.

One of the articles investigated factors related to glycemic management among members of the professional cycling team with type 1 diabetes over a 7-day Union Cycliste Internationale World Tour stage race. The study determined that the professional cyclists had excellent in-race glycemia, but significant hypoglycemia during recovery overnight, throughout the 7-day stage race. The full article is available HERE.

The other article aimed to establish the glycemic, physiological and dietary demands of strenuous exercise training as part of a 9-day performance camp in the professional cycling team. This study demonstrated a higher prevalence of nocturnal hypoglycemia in athletes undertaking daily, strenuous exercise sessions as part of the 9-day training block. In addition, the occurrence of night-time hypoglycemia was associated with over three times the risk of next-day hypoglycemia and a twofold risk of low glucose during cycling. The full article is available HERE.